Sunday, July 17, 2011

supah speed paintin' : 19 & 20 !!

wooow. it's been 20 days!! :DD gosh darn it time goes by fast!! :OO 

anyways.. i missed a day yesterday sadly .___. i was so sad... i failed at work yesterday , my mouth was hurting because i was talking and smiling to the customers. So i thought i'll just take a pain killer that i have on me, which is the vicodin. What i didn't know was how strong it was.. and how badly i felt after taking it. >_>;; i felt so nauseous just while standing.. then there's light sensitivity.. and all that awesome crappy stuff. Thankfully my really really reaaaaaaally nice boss decided to let me go early (because i was useless ;_; ) so that's what i did. That's partly the reason why i didn't yesterday. I took the vicodin at 8pm.. i didn't feel better until 12am. >_> my mother told me to sleep. hahhh.

But.. that's why i have 2! 2 paintings today! the first one took 50 minutes, and i followed my usual routine of..
sketching -> backgrounds -> foreground    using layers in photoshop. It was really fun conveying lights! 

the sky was really fun to do :) so many colors!! and it was fun getting that saturation in the usually blue sky. what was harder was making the grass more subtle and nicer.. arghhh. the clouds were made in another layer than the sky. :) this was a good idea turns out.. xD if i mess up on the cloud i didn't touch the sky! :D 

The second painting took me about.. 20-30 minutes. i didn't sketch at all for this, i wasn't going to use any layers either.. but i couldn't do it! layers just make me paint so much faster! for this one i was purely looking on shapes and colors. The values are off thought.. and the sunlit parts of the ground could go even lighter..

it was interesting looking at the result of the different ways to paint.. the first one just looks so much cleaner.. but the second one feels.. more organic. hahaha which one is better?!

time to sleeeep it's way too late x_x

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