Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SP 8 & 9 : CUP

Missed a day for 4th of July yesterday... Even though it's late.. happy 4th of july!! :D
in the festivities i failed to do a speed painting, so that's why I am doing 2 today to make it up!

I think i need to do some landscape pictures next time, and maybe work from imagination.. but for now I'll try to fine tune colors and values first. small goals. hahaha

painted a cup this time and it feels like im slightly getting better at judging values. slightly..

here's the picture that i worked on first

and here's the black and white

here's the color version i did right after

i listened to Jon today and simplified a lot. thanks for the help :) !!

Also, unrelated event but John Clapp critiqued my work today. Inspiring to say the least, made me want to do more and more for my drawings. Thank you John Clapp!! xD


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