Monday, July 18, 2011

SP 22 : redo

Since i'm done with my stock pictures.. i thought i'll redo an old speed painting. ahaha

SP 2

SP 22

actual picture

so it's still not perfect. but it really does make me slightly happy. i see improvement :) need to work better on values still though @_@ values and color!

thanks for everybody that critique and comment. it means a lot to me :]

1 comment:

  1. Great job! yay for improvement!! :D

    Awesome job on the background. The values are spot on!! :D Skin tone's pretty hard, but it's great you're noticing the values more. Shadows do make things much darker, but sometimes it's just second guessing yourself that stops you from going darker. XD That's where I compare surrounding values. Instead of focusing on what values each part is, try relating values to one another. See how the hair and face are actually closer in value than in your painting? Color's trippy stuff. Keep going!!

    Good job on your imagination painting, too!! You're starting to think about your light, shadow, and light direction. I know what you mean by wanting to try something different. haha. Your grass needs more red because it seems much like those acidic hills from Goro's photos. haha.

    I just checked your new painting, and the values are rockin'! The only thing that needs to be darker is the shadow created by the rock arch, thing. haha. 100% opacity's interesting, huh? Well, again, keep at it Catharina!! I can't believe you're at 24 paintings! :DD