Saturday, July 30, 2011

SP 34

Quick 1 hour painting before I go to work today. Listened to Goro's comment from yesterday and analyzed my lights and darks first before starting. Then blocked in the shadow shapes for the darkest value. after that i filled in the lighter shapes.. then after i filled in the other hues in the darks, dividing them into several values again. some of the values are too light still.. and i see bounce light! :D

i thought this one would be hard to do and i was right. it was D: but it was fun. :)  many thanks to Goro Fujita for the comment!

SP 33

super tired oh man. this took.. longer than it should. about an hour and 10+ gotta keep it to an hour or less! D:

damn.. i squinted.. but i still can't get the values right.. :((( still too light on some :(( sighh.. might've spent too much time on the details >_> colors need to get warmer still too.. D:

on another note watched friends with benefits and crazy, stupid, love. good movies! :D

gotta work harder!! rawrr!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

SP 32

darn you perspective. why you so hard?! this was fun to do. each shadow has it's own colors :) it was really fun trying to get the texture of the trees on the shadows too :)

this took about an hour.. trying to make it clean like before..  while also using 100% opacity. :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

SP 31: back to basics

i decided to use a simpler reference picture and start back to the basics. um. took me .. about an hour and a little bit more.

somehow it doesn't look right.. :\

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SP 30 : whut it's 30??

damn didn't think it's 30 days already :OOO !! :)

details is hard.. and i need to simplifyyyy paint the biggest shape first then the smaller ones! D:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SP 29 : Light and Trees

this one was too simple of a reference picture to sketch for. it was really hard to paint it.. or i mean.. to get the trees right. D:  I did 2 paintings today. the first one was around 20 minutes.. and the second one was about 40 minutes.

i thought since it was really simple.. i could do it just by eyeballing mostly everything..
this is what happened :

the shapes aren't well defined, and it looks really confusing.. so i restarted and paid more attention to shadow shapes and colors and values. and this is the result :

hmm. i went too light in the middle of the page but it's cleaner now..  and i like how the light on the left side of the page looks correct :)

gotta do more of these rawrrr!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

SP 28

40 min + for this painting. it's really hard to blend two colors together when they have different base colors.. :\
and it's so hard to make colors warm!! D: whyyyy?!!

paid a lil bit more attention to detail.. but my paintings are kinda haphazard looking still.. well i should focus more on values and color first..

SP 27 : Rhino

mmm... this took about an hour.. or less. i really need to start doing details.. but for now i'm still just doing 100% opacity so that my eyes will learh. and i'm squintinggg yeahh! hmmm some colors were really hard to find... but the values for the grass was close :D !! eh. needs lots more practice.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SP 25 & 26

After yester.. I mean.. the day before yesterday's speed painting.. I decided to do some more 100% opacity paintings. I think it really does help me with choosing colors! :D some values and hues are still off.. and details are kinda.. abandoned. hahah..

hmmmm painting is hard. and i keep forgetting to check the time.. as usual. it's about an hour each.. supposedly.

in other news, i went to the zoo with the family yesterday! :D it was super crowded and even though i was being a butt and sketched the whole way through the trip they still love me muhahahah. It was funny when people come up to me and kinda peeking on my drawings.. also it was cool when they told me i'm good. ego-boost ftw :D

i will post up sketchy-pages later xD

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SP 24 : noh opacityyy

yeahh colors. Trying to train my eyes to get colors right and values too! Squinting really helps! Cameron!! i squinted!! :D

this was fun :) didn't use opacity besides in the clouds to get that softness.

rarghhh still need to work on it some more.. but i like how it turned out! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SP 23 : Summer Cat

thought i'll do something from my head, since im in the double digits. it was fun :) tried to do a pascal campion thing with the grass and the lighting hahahaaa.. but maybe it'll work better if i changed the yellow to green and make the shadows the dark green instead. hmmmmmmmmm

took about.. 50 minutes. fun fun fun though

sketchbook pages

Monday, July 18, 2011

SP 22 : redo

Since i'm done with my stock pictures.. i thought i'll redo an old speed painting. ahaha

SP 2

SP 22

actual picture

so it's still not perfect. but it really does make me slightly happy. i see improvement :) need to work better on values still though @_@ values and color!

thanks for everybody that critique and comment. it means a lot to me :]

SP 21 : rarghhhhhhh

sooooooo, this picture is the last of the stock pictures from Goro's stock pictures. sad to say.. this was really hard for some reason. >_> uh. trying to not use opacity too much.. hmmmm and i picked a color and just stuck with it this time. the values and colors are still off.. uaaaghhh. so tireddd

but here it is..
 did some sketchbook pages today :D along with some awesome artists to make me draw better than how i usually do!!! yeyuhh but now im really tired.. gotta recharge and do the same thing tomorroooooooooow.

i'll put in sketchbook pages later. haha..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

supah speed paintin' : 19 & 20 !!

wooow. it's been 20 days!! :DD gosh darn it time goes by fast!! :OO 

anyways.. i missed a day yesterday sadly .___. i was so sad... i failed at work yesterday , my mouth was hurting because i was talking and smiling to the customers. So i thought i'll just take a pain killer that i have on me, which is the vicodin. What i didn't know was how strong it was.. and how badly i felt after taking it. >_>;; i felt so nauseous just while standing.. then there's light sensitivity.. and all that awesome crappy stuff. Thankfully my really really reaaaaaaally nice boss decided to let me go early (because i was useless ;_; ) so that's what i did. That's partly the reason why i didn't yesterday. I took the vicodin at 8pm.. i didn't feel better until 12am. >_> my mother told me to sleep. hahhh.

But.. that's why i have 2! 2 paintings today! the first one took 50 minutes, and i followed my usual routine of..
sketching -> backgrounds -> foreground    using layers in photoshop. It was really fun conveying lights! 

the sky was really fun to do :) so many colors!! and it was fun getting that saturation in the usually blue sky. what was harder was making the grass more subtle and nicer.. arghhh. the clouds were made in another layer than the sky. :) this was a good idea turns out.. xD if i mess up on the cloud i didn't touch the sky! :D 

The second painting took me about.. 20-30 minutes. i didn't sketch at all for this, i wasn't going to use any layers either.. but i couldn't do it! layers just make me paint so much faster! for this one i was purely looking on shapes and colors. The values are off thought.. and the sunlit parts of the ground could go even lighter..

it was interesting looking at the result of the different ways to paint.. the first one just looks so much cleaner.. but the second one feels.. more organic. hahaha which one is better?!

time to sleeeep it's way too late x_x

Friday, July 15, 2011

SP 18 : paint paint paaaaaaint

paint paint paint paint paint paint. digitally of course. so much fun.. i think i got caught up in the details man. sigh sighh :( anyway. really fun day today. finally get to hang out with friends after a long while :)) got home and just painted because it was 11pm -__-;; but here's the painting for today!

yep.. some colors and values are still too light.. and reflection in water is harrrd.. Dx gotta work harder and fasterrr!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SP 17 : Little House & some sketch book pages!

good good day today! got to drawww some and paint some :) had some fun shooting reference videos with awesome peeps!! :D still can't eat stuff but that's ok.. hahaha..

here's the painting for todayy...

for the painting.. it took me about 45-50 minutes.. i think. The source of light wasn't as bright as the ocean one.. so this one felt like most of it was in the middle tone for value. i like them contrasttt Dx i'm feeling good on these paintings lately :D it's not getting easier.. it's just that i feel like.. i have my way of doing them now :) although i can see there's some problems with colors still! D:

Anyhow, here's some sketchbook pages i did today and a few days before. I needa draaaaw in the sketchbooook ;___;

fun fun fun! gotta draw more!

SP 16 : Ocean and Greece

hmm.. i at least did one thing today that redeemed this lazy day of mine. one painting everyday. I've never felt lazy yet for doing these speed paintings.. but today oh gosh.. i just feel so weak today @_@

anyhow, here's the painting for today. it took me an hour! gosh.. but it was.. easier.. than before to pick the values and color.. it was just hard doing that oceaaaaan goodness :((

Monday, July 11, 2011

SP 15 : Trees !

hmmm i like... the feeling of light. i seee... saturated colors and inconsistent values! D: but i like this painting :D

oh and wisdom teeth is gonee :D and it doesn't hurt as much as i thought.. hahaha. although i should keep my mouth shut.. who knows how i'll feel tomorrow! oh no! D:

forgot to take a picture of those 2 pages.. but i thought i'll show what i did for some character design stuff xD

it was hard coming up with all the different grandmass omgosh. but it's fun! :)