Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SP 17 : Little House & some sketch book pages!

good good day today! got to drawww some and paint some :) had some fun shooting reference videos with awesome peeps!! :D still can't eat stuff but that's ok.. hahaha..

here's the painting for todayy...

for the painting.. it took me about 45-50 minutes.. i think. The source of light wasn't as bright as the ocean one.. so this one felt like most of it was in the middle tone for value. i like them contrasttt Dx i'm feeling good on these paintings lately :D it's not getting easier.. it's just that i feel like.. i have my way of doing them now :) although i can see there's some problems with colors still! D:

Anyhow, here's some sketchbook pages i did today and a few days before. I needa draaaaw in the sketchbooook ;___;

fun fun fun! gotta draw more!

1 comment:

  1. Great painting and amazing sketchbook pages!!! :D
    I got nothing on you!

    The only thing about the painting, which already probably already know is that the green hills could be darker and warmer. :)

    Your sketchbook pages are really awesome! All of them are really nice, but I like the first two because of the simple splashes of color. And I like the third because of the blending of the elements. The fourth: you did great filling up the white space within the left of the page. Great stuff! Makes me wanna work more. :D

    Keep it up! :D