Sunday, July 10, 2011

SP 14 : GReeeeeeeeeeeen is the word !!

Green green greeennnn @_@ hahahhaa. not really. there's some orangey-yellow-blue here xD but only in minute amounts i feel. Did this for almost an hour >_> it's been taking me longer and longer to do these paintings.. what's going onnn D: hahaha. sigh~  still has some problems about values. i've been trying to make the shadows darker.. but my eye tricks me!

The mountain.. hill thing is a lot smaller than i thought it was =_= eyesss they are tricking mee!

oh darn. i didn't notice how saturated my painting was... :(((( gosh darn it! i neeeeda work work work :D can't wait for tomorrow. who knows how my painting will be.. i'll be drugged up.. muhahhaha

in other news, i painted 2 pages in my summer sketchbook. hurrah!! i might post that up later :)

1 comment:

  1. haha it takes you an hour, I would have been lucky to get that much done in an hour. XD

    As for your painting, it needs some red-oranges. I had the same problem. Jon described my painting as "acidic." haha At least you got most of the elements in there...I didn't. XD

    I wanna see your paintings! :DD