Saturday, July 30, 2011

SP 33

super tired oh man. this took.. longer than it should. about an hour and 10+ gotta keep it to an hour or less! D:

damn.. i squinted.. but i still can't get the values right.. :((( still too light on some :(( sighh.. might've spent too much time on the details >_> colors need to get warmer still too.. D:

on another note watched friends with benefits and crazy, stupid, love. good movies! :D

gotta work harder!! rawrr!!

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  1. Hi Catharina, 33 paintings not too bad but you might wanna pick up the pace :) The more you do the more you'll learn.

    Some of your paintings work really well some others are less successful but it's all part of the process. What you should do is to take a moment before you start painting and look at the reference. Look at the darkest darks, look at the lighter shadows, compare the highlight values/temperatures to each other and take notes in your head or even write it down. That way you will have an easier time to keep track of the values and the overall lighting setup. If you would have taken a moment you would have noticed that the value of the ground and the trees are really close. If you squint your eyes you can barely see the difference in values. In your painting there is a big value change between those two elements.
    Whenever you see green try mixing a lot more yellow into it otherwise it will become too cool. Generally you can go a lot warmer in the highlight areas not only in this painting. Keep doing this and try to mix in some original paintings inbetween. Not a random one but one where you can use the experience you gained by painting from reference.

    Keep it up!