Sunday, July 3, 2011

SP 7 : Colored Oranges

Second part of the painting that i did for training. I think painting it in black and white did help out making my colors more.. correct.. ish xD

spent about an hour >_> i think doing this.. might've taken longer then it should..

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  1. Dude, awesome job on the dailys! :D

    My biggest suggestion would be to not focus on the details such as the pattern on the the table or the stickers on the oranges. So, this is like a bunch of spheres and I could see you trying to get everything from highlight to bounce light. Maybe focusing on one orange would have been beneficial. The oranges also pop out too much because of the value difference. Just keep squinting. XD

    So, when you're just starting out, strip every detail in the painting until all you have is the core lighting. So in this picture I probably would have cropped it to the orange in the top left and focused on that one orange highlight and all, but get one value down for the ground its on. Gradually, you're hit roadblocks, then work on those, they will lead the way. :)

    Awesome job Catharina! Keep at it!! :D