Friday, December 30, 2011


we got cherries today~ and it's about time i done some gouache paintings :) second time using them after buying them hahah. cherries took about 40-50 minutes, oranges took around 30-40 minutes


3 hours on photoshop. it's too light D: 

Thursday, December 22, 2011


speed paintin' like a devil. early in the morn' yea yea!

this was so fun :) finally find out how to do that opacity with no opacity magic and it's awesomeee this was fun. around an hour + the second frame with the colorful stuff was kinda confusing to do. but funn

it's nice getting back to things finally :) ...gotta level up!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

destroyer bunny

props to my buddeh Patrick he suggested this idea super long ago.. and i haven't done it until the end of the semester. School and life kicked my butt. This semester has seriously been the hardest i ever went through. But now that i went through it.. i 'm happier and a whole lot smarter about things. hopefully. I'm just glad i got through it without a lot of ... scars.. i guess hahaha.

now is the time where i have to fire it up!! during the school year i kind of felt like i did mediocre work. turning in stuff that im not ashamed of, but not really the absolute best that i can do. I think that's my problem though, i'm comfortable with just being good enough.. while i should only be satisfied with the best. Time for me to kick my butt. That means more painting!!! this year i learned so much about painting, light and color. I need to put in all of my work from this semester. I really loved my color rendering. probably my best work this year. :) needa fix it though. it will be done!! >:(

i know i'm not the only one that went through a tough semester.. there's a lot of us in the same boat this year. we got through it you guys!! sigh

needa start with photo refs ughhh

time to sleep.