Monday, December 19, 2011

destroyer bunny

props to my buddeh Patrick he suggested this idea super long ago.. and i haven't done it until the end of the semester. School and life kicked my butt. This semester has seriously been the hardest i ever went through. But now that i went through it.. i 'm happier and a whole lot smarter about things. hopefully. I'm just glad i got through it without a lot of ... scars.. i guess hahaha.

now is the time where i have to fire it up!! during the school year i kind of felt like i did mediocre work. turning in stuff that im not ashamed of, but not really the absolute best that i can do. I think that's my problem though, i'm comfortable with just being good enough.. while i should only be satisfied with the best. Time for me to kick my butt. That means more painting!!! this year i learned so much about painting, light and color. I need to put in all of my work from this semester. I really loved my color rendering. probably my best work this year. :) needa fix it though. it will be done!! >:(

i know i'm not the only one that went through a tough semester.. there's a lot of us in the same boat this year. we got through it you guys!! sigh

needa start with photo refs ughhh

time to sleep.


  1. THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING SCENE.... I HAVE EVER SEEN!! only you can make a cute bunny nomming on some buildings so terrifying XD <3 you are awesome :), and this semester sucked! i agree! don't worry! its over! its time to move on and kick some art butt D:! GO CAT GO!!

  2. wow Catharina drew bunnies.... whata SURPRISSEEEE

  3. hey don't hate on ze bunnies D: THEY RULE! :)