Thursday, June 30, 2011

SP 3: 黒髪ストレンジャー

gosh.. whole lotta ugliness coming. sorry. COVER YOUR EYES!! hahaha

this week i challenged myself into doing.. a scene from this video right here 1:29 to be exact..

that's the real picture. i thought it looked simple enough.. and jez she's so pretty i had to do it. hahaha. Here's what i did after 50 minutes.. >_>

Needa work on.... everything.. values, shadows, lights, colors.. and i need to sketch better!! D: oh gawd!

Will try again next time!!! and sigh.. this was actually from 2 days ago.. blogspot died on me while i wanted to post it. I'll do 2 tomorrow to make up for today! GAHH gotta get better!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

speed paintin 2!!!.... & some artie stuffs

yay yay yay so much fun using the tablet :D did another painting today, about 45+ minutes :p couldn't find a good picture so i did it from life. painting the old desktop computer...

here it is!

also did some artie in knight form stuffs :)

pretty productive art day today. I wanna draw more!!!! gotta level up faster!

FInally a tablet..

So it's been my dream for a really long time now.. to get myself a tablet.
Now i can cross that off the list cause i got ones YEAH! i caught the ups guy while he was delivering stuff in my apartment.. well my mom did, but then i asked him to give me my tablet. lol especially since i didn't get it last friday.. my poor brother was asleep and he didn't hear the knocks of the ups guy -_-;;

so i decided to take mah shiny new tablet for a ride and do some work xD here's what i did today. My first speed painting! i didn't really check how long it took though >_> i think about an hour..

it's from this picture my friend gave me

also i thought i'll work on artie for a lil bit. i will do some more of that in the morning before i go draw naked ppl :3 .

best purchase of the year!! xD special thanks to Jonathan Apilado, Diem Doan and Dang Nguyen and Goro Fujita!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Suhita Challenge!!!

me and my friend Jonathan Apilado did a Suhita Challenge today.. i mean yesterday... This lady is really awesome :) . She rough sketches items or scenes using blind contour or semi blind contour then she uses watercolors to color it. The resuly is really beautiful and whimsical and also very loose and fluid. i love it.

check her out at..

Inspired by her we decided to do something similar to her work. xD here's what i did. Check out Jon's blog to see what he did! :)

Here's what i did

kinda bad picture quality x( . but i liked how fluid it is. :) not as good as Suhita's though!! Need to learn how to use watercolor better and to blind contourr :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Character designs: Artie, Homer, Johannah and Sleppy

Here's some character designs for the summer project i'm working on with a few awesome friends from San Jose State. The story is about an abused child who has a drunkard for a father. This child is saved only from retreating to his imagination. I think it'll be really fun to animate. I'm looking forward to see this project finished!! xDD hopefully that time will come soon!!

Still very rough though. I'll update soon with more newer things done yesterday!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

pretty animals at the zoo!


I went to the SF zoo with cool people and drew some animals this tuesday. so much fun. :) bought the membership so i will be coming back for sure! :) i got to paint a rhino that day. watercolors. i can't remember how long it took for this though.

besides that i just sketched a lot of animals that we saw. hopefully it's ok that i just sketched inside the program sketchbook... here's some more pages that i was able to fill that day.

can't wait to go and draw some more!! need to go and make more more moree!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

acrylic painting... FROM LIFE

i'm so excited. woke up today and decided to finally paint the little tomatoes that we have at home. :) it felt longer than 30 minutes but it was really fun! Next time i need to buy gouache and start to paint with that like my peeps. x)

first plein air painting

my first page of my summer sketchbook! done in watercolor. the scanner killed the colors so i had to fix it a little. watercolor is hard... >_<