Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FInally a tablet..

So it's been my dream for a really long time now.. to get myself a tablet.
Now i can cross that off the list cause i got ones YEAH! i caught the ups guy while he was delivering stuff in my apartment.. well my mom did, but then i asked him to give me my tablet. lol especially since i didn't get it last friday.. my poor brother was asleep and he didn't hear the knocks of the ups guy -_-;;

so i decided to take mah shiny new tablet for a ride and do some work xD here's what i did today. My first speed painting! i didn't really check how long it took though >_> i think about an hour..

it's from this picture my friend gave me

also i thought i'll work on artie for a lil bit. i will do some more of that in the morning before i go draw naked ppl :3 .

best purchase of the year!! xD special thanks to Jonathan Apilado, Diem Doan and Dang Nguyen and Goro Fujita!!


  1. Awesome!!! :D

    On your speed painting, more often than not, you're not going to use your whitest whites. One of the first things that Goro told me was to evaluate your photo first, and look for your lightest and darkest values. I would say the darkest would be the far right black values, and the lightest would be the highlights on the sauce. :) Also, it looks like you had a little trouble with the sauce. Don't worry about it, there's a lot of reflection going on in the sauce. Just squint. :)

    Awesome, work!! Keep it going!! :D