Thursday, June 30, 2011

SP 3: 黒髪ストレンジャー

gosh.. whole lotta ugliness coming. sorry. COVER YOUR EYES!! hahaha

this week i challenged myself into doing.. a scene from this video right here 1:29 to be exact..

that's the real picture. i thought it looked simple enough.. and jez she's so pretty i had to do it. hahaha. Here's what i did after 50 minutes.. >_>

Needa work on.... everything.. values, shadows, lights, colors.. and i need to sketch better!! D: oh gawd!

Will try again next time!!! and sigh.. this was actually from 2 days ago.. blogspot died on me while i wanted to post it. I'll do 2 tomorrow to make up for today! GAHH gotta get better!!


  1. Lol you tagged it "ugly?" XD

    You just started out, don't beat yourself up. Yeah...I'm not the best at portraits, but it's cool that you tried to challenged yourself. I suggest starting out with simpler references and simplify like a beezy, or better yet, like Dice. haha. Watch out, your eyes will trick you. O___O

    But awesome job on this and your color keys. :D

  2. I think it's a good idea to try to structure out the face first when doing portraits and also squint more for values :D
    But it's a good start Cath!!! keep on going ;)

  3. thanks you guys! your comments are really encouraging and helpful :) !