Monday, July 18, 2011

SP 21 : rarghhhhhhh

sooooooo, this picture is the last of the stock pictures from Goro's stock pictures. sad to say.. this was really hard for some reason. >_> uh. trying to not use opacity too much.. hmmmm and i picked a color and just stuck with it this time. the values and colors are still off.. uaaaghhh. so tireddd

but here it is..
 did some sketchbook pages today :D along with some awesome artists to make me draw better than how i usually do!!! yeyuhh but now im really tired.. gotta recharge and do the same thing tomorroooooooooow.

i'll put in sketchbook pages later. haha..

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  1. Hey there, you mentioned you wanted some critique so I thought I'd lend an eye. As I'm sure you already knew, you're values are off. I think it might help if you squint 86 percent of the time you're working on these speed paintings (and any other paintings as well, traditional or digital. when you begin, think about the biggest shapes first. I mean really try to weld shapes together to simplify you're job. Try to think of your subject in 2-3 values, think about you're light side against your dark side. When you get the basic shapes start de-squinting you're eyes(just like the reversal) to uncover the shapes that are of a different value. Keep the following in mind, the lights in the dark are the darks in the light. it might take you a while to figure it out, but once you do, painting becomes easier. try to judge you're colors better, remember that if you have the value right it makes the hue easier to get right. Looking at all of your previous paintings however, i can see you're getting better at getting the shapes right so good for you. Hope this helps, and I'm sorry for leaving such a long comment, good luck and don't stop.