Thursday, July 7, 2011

SP 10 : beachy day

So i didn't properly explain why i did these speedpaintings. Or did i..? Well anyways, around the middle of the spring semester of the last school year Goro Fujita came to SJSU and did a lecture and demo of speed painting on photoshop. It was so inspiring that a bunch of us SHM-ers made up a blog and started speed painting with photoshop everyday. A few of us like Jonathan Apilado and Jonathan Chu are one of the ones to start right when that lecture ended and they're soo far ahead of where I am it's amazing..

That's the reason I bought a tablet, I really dont know why I couldn't bring myself to buy it earlier. It really has been the best purchase of the year. hahaha.. i feel like i'm learning a lot and being more disciplined because of it. I guess there's nothing like new equipment to re-motivate you huh?

I started to work on copying the sample pictures Goro sent to the SHM group from a long time ago. Awesome ppl from sjsu has also followed suit. Check them out!!

First picture that i decide to do is a beach picture! ironic cause i was supposed to go to the beach today but it didn't really happen. hahhaa. anywayss enough of my babbling.

here's the picture...

anddd here's what i did in about.. 40+ minutes.. gotta start keeping track of my time better!

feels like some values are still not correct yet.. but it was really fun. especially doing the sky! :) it's really fun using so many saturated colors!

can't wait for tomorrow! :)

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