Sunday, August 21, 2011

SP 41 & 42

I'm a slacker.. :'( like a deadbeat wife beater.  I had too much fun this week and completely didn't have time for painting at all.. I'm so ashamed!! :(((  i missed 3 days of work so for a few days i'll have to do 2 paintings!! i need to get back to the gameee before school starts!! D: 

anyways.. here is the paintings i did. Here is from.. Tuesday..

i think it took a little bit more than an hour. I was focusing a lot on the shadow shapes created by the rocks and trying to get colors and values right. However, a lot of the values are still too light :(

Here's what i did today ( Saturday, before it turned to sunday!! D: )

this one also took a little bit more than an hour.. i simplified a.. lot but i spent a lot of time doing the windows >_>;;  i really like the light in this picture :) . took it in Solvang while on that road trip :) values are still off.. :( gosh darn it!

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  1. Nice catteh :) I think on the second one all you gotta do is make all the shadow stuff a lot darker, and then you will see that light pop so nice, remember value is relative so things look even brighter when they are next to things that are darker aka contrast :D On that top one i see a lot of the simplified shapes looking pretty accurate especially on those rocks gjgj D: