Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SP 37 : experiment!

Today we picked up my dad from the airport. :) So i thought i'll do something airport related today xD. This picture was taken way back in July though.. when my sister went to japan. hahaha. so today i decided to play with lighting. Using the second picture as a sunset reference.. i tried to mergeeee the two together @_@. it was quite fun. thinking about the lighting and remaking the shadow shapes. The building was quite difficult to do though.. since i dont really know how white buildings reflect... sunset light.... But yes. so much fun :) !


  1. Awesome! I like how you tried to fuse the two references together. :) And I would say it's pretty good. I like the shadows and I like the warmth on the ground, it's spot on. :D

    Now for the nit picky stuff. XD The sky doesn't curve like that, that's usually created by the lens of a camera when ppl take photos. haha. Other than that, awesome stuff! :D

  2. I like this >_< this is a really cool idea but yea as Jon said, the sky doesn't curve like that..
    I really think the airplane that you drew is really cute :D