Thursday, August 4, 2011

SP 38 : Degas Masterstudy

more like.. failed copying x__x it's been a long day today. Went to paint plein air at Alum Rock Park with a lot of the awesome peeps from SJSU. Big thanks to Cameron Chun for organizing it! I will post pictures later :)

So today i followed the suggestion of a buddy (jon) to do some masterstudies. I learned that i need to work on shapes more. and scale.. also.. still need to pay more attention to values.. and color as well. >_> the shadows have a blue tint! gawsh D:
anyway. enough of my sleepy ramblings. here's today's speed painting.

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. need to pay more attention to.. a lot of things. paint strokes.. shapes. and yes. i'm missing one girl :( it was right at 1 hr and i had to stop. I made a lot of the elements too big.. so it couldn't fit the girl.

needa try some more!

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