Sunday, April 28, 2013

speed paintings and schoolism

I attended a class today with Nathan Fowkes hosted by schoolism.
It was a great class that I was really glad I attended. He reiterated a lot of lessons that my teachers said before, but it was a great reminder of those principles. Unity and  Variety, Color - Value and Temperature. Design and Clarity. Taking a break and re-learning these principles was so great. It made me want to draw again, it compelled me to draw, to paint. I wanted to learn how to paint speedily, learning colors, learning values.

I have a lot of animation to do, but I couldn't help but take an hour or two to paint some stuff.
here's a speed painting that i did with values. I added some color because i couldn't help it. I really love the rosy cheeks of the original picture and added some in my speed painting.

 the colored original i worked on, and the black and white pictured comparison.

 here's my sister's kitty pillow that i painted in around ~30minutes. i was painting really fast and just looking at colors and light. It was really fun to do. :)

taking a break was fun, but i haven to go back to animating. many many things due on tuesday.. can't wait till the end of the semester. I want to paint pleinair and sketch the summer away!

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