Tuesday, January 15, 2013

day#6 & 7

 day 6

day 7

day 6 and 7 ! day 6 is draw something you've never drawn before and day 7 is my family or a family member.

 i realize i've never drawn a shark before, and I very rarely do black and white paintings. So i thought i'd do those today. 

day 7 was challenging. i wanted to do my whole family but I decided on just my parents. This one was difficult for me because i usually spend the whole day planning my piece and this one i decided to do something of the top of my head. I also experimented with things i've never tried before.

Doing day 7 this way reiterate to me the fact that pieces look better with loads of reference and planning. However, I am happy with some elements of the piece. But this piece would've benefited from a lot more planning.

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