Thursday, April 24, 2014

Frankenpossum and Igor (and extras!)

We just wrapped up our project - the racing game with native california animals as drivers and gunners. I really had fun with this project, i really enjoyed creating the story and personality behind the characters. The car I still need to finish more. I had some difficulty with it but I definitely had a lot of fun trying to create a vehicle that fits my character and also fit the assignment. I had problems with the project as always but I'm so glad I finally have a work flow that works for me. 

This is a lego assignment that our teacher - gave us. We have to create modules out of Legos and we have to paint on top of it - reimagining it as a workable building structure. 

also, I didn't show these or my other car ideations, but I had difficulty on them as I said before and decided to choose a few that I really like and mix them together. 

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