Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Break is starting..

The semester just ended, and after a few days of rest I finally recovered from the craziness of finals and some post final sickness. Definitely had one of the craziest and most amazing semester of my life.

1. I had the opportunity to work in a small project with my teacher and 4 other students to create a small commercial for a good cause. (Brandon's Goal - video here)
2. Had the chance to go to Ottawa for the Ottawa International Film Festival and had such an amazing and inspiring time. 
3. Went to CTN and volunteered - meet so many amazing artist that terrified and inspired me at the same time. 
4. Had the opportunity to work with Dave Yee on his thesis project called Jimmy Loves Juice! ( here's the trailer!)
5. Taking my first Illustration class ever since 113b a year ago. (and learned so much!)
6. Taking a class with the amazing Barron Storey
7. Experimented with stop motion animation for our Physics of animation class (footsteps!)
8. My first semi - interview for an internship.
9. Visiting Pixar and becoming a WIA member.

Really, I couldn't believe that it was only 4 months ago that Summer break just ended and fall semester started. So many things have happened and everything felt like it was so long ago. I look back and realized how much I learned and experienced and just feel really grateful. I am really excited for the next semester and also this break. Hoping I can learn and grow even more before school comes back around. 

Here are my final paintings for the Gary Soto Tree House project. Definitely not perfect or 100% correct but I learned so much from painting these paintings.

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