Thursday, October 3, 2013

kitchens and bedrooms and bears

For both of my conceptual and beginning illustration classes we are doing rooms. On top is the Gary Soto project and we can either do a kitchen or a garage. It's my second time now doing an isometric. It's really fun to do research and trying to make your interpretation of a room. The second picture is a picture of a miniature model I made for class. We create a character and make a room where our characters live. For this particular room I have a 45 year old lonely hoarder lady called Lori;this is her room. It was really fun to make these models, it reminds me of my childhood because I've always liked to make these mini models. sadly the assignment asked for a set and this is not really a classical stage set. However, when we shine lights on our models it suddenly becomes 50 times better than how it was before. Inspiring for sure.

one last thing. Here's some silly stop motion I made Tuesday night

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