Sunday, September 25, 2011

SP 69 & other things

Schooooooooooooooooool. really busy but really fun! a lot happened and i learnt a lot. :) lots of hard work but i have awesome friends to share it with. it's fun. 

just dumping my stuff from the school year. first is my very very not daily speed paintings ;___;

 second is a short painting we did in class to prepare us for our still life paintings with acrylic. :) this was fun!

gloria 2.0 in acrylic and in pencil

color wheel for class. very fun. but difficult. it was easier to do after i fixed it the 3rd time..

belt buckle for maya. with minimal modeling but kinda extensive bump mapping

painting we did this week outside of the palm trees at our school :)

drapery for figure drawing.

darn that reminds me.. i should show some figure drawing.. well. next time :) time to sleep now. gotta works on maya tomorroowwwww.

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  1. Love it Catharina!!! These are really quality stuff!! You're so boss!! ^^