Thursday, May 12, 2011

spring portfolioooooooooooo

This spring semester i tried out for my school's BFA program.. and dun dun dun i got inn :)))
i'm so happy, but also suprised that i actually made it in.

My buddies Danny Ortiz and Fernando Corrales and other very deserving people also got in Congrats to them :)) !!

Also, thanks very much Dang and Geng. you guys made me do the portfolio. really.

I thought i should put in my portfolio cause i haven't posted anything in so long xD;;

here it iss, it's in reverse order because.. I'm too lazy to correct it...


  1. Looks awesome Cat D: Congrats again on getting in!

  2. Wow, Catharina. This is what you submitted? This is awesome. Good stuff. :D